Alternatives to say and answer the question ‘How are you?’

The way that you ask someone ‘how are you?’ may vary depending on who is being asked and in what setting the conversation is taking place. Below we will explore the informal and formal ways of asking and answering the question ‘How are you? This way your conversations will sound more natural.


How are you doing?I’m doing well, thanks, and you?
I’m doing okay, and you?
I’m very well, and you?
I’m great, and you?
Great, thanks!
Good. How about you?
Not bad.
Can’t complain.
How have you been?I’m good. You?
I’ve been good.
I’ve been alright.
Pretty good and you?
Everything is good.
I’m so stressed out.
What’s going on?Nothing / Not much.
What’s new?
What’s new with you?
Nothing. / Not much. I’ve been ... [details about your life]
Not a lot, and you?
What’s up? / Sup?Not much. How are you doing?
Nothing. / Nothing much.
Not a lot.
What are you up to?
[What are you doing right now?]
I’m working.
I’m watching a movie.
I’m cooking lunch.
What have you been up to? [What have you been doing since I last saw you?]I just started a new job.
How are things going?Not too bad.
Pretty good, and you?
What’s good? Not much. How about you?
How are you feeling?I’m feeling great.
On a scale from 1-10, I’m a 10.
Not so good.
Not that good.
It could be better.
You don’t want to know.
Terrible. / Horrible.
How are you holding up?
[Are you feeling okay?]
It could be better.
How’s it going?It’s going great.
Going good.
I’m good.
Everything’s good.
Things are going great.
It’s going well.
Not bad.
Could be better.
How’s everything?Everything is good. How about you?
Really good.
Not bad.
Everything good?Yeah, everything’s good.
How’re things?
How’s things?
Good, thanks. And you?
Everything is alright.
Everything’s good.
How’s life?Everything is OK!
How’s your day been?
How’s your day going?
How was your day?
Going good. How about you?
It’s going well.
Couldn’t be better!
How’s your week been?
How was your weekend?
My week has been (good, busy, crazy, etc…)
Are you alright?
You alright?
I’m alright.
Are you OK? / You okay?Yeah, I’m OK.
How’s life? Life is good. [details about your life]
I’ve been better.
Long time no see!
I haven’t seen you for ages! How have you been?
I’m alright.

Hello! How do you do?I’m alright. And you?
Not (too) bad.
Are you well?Yes, I’m well.
How are things coming along?Everything is OK!
How’s everything coming together?Not (too) bad.
How’s your health?
Hello, I hope you’re well?
I trust you’re well?
I’m feeling great, thanks for asking.
I’m alright. And you?
I can’t complain too much.
Can’t complain.
Yes, I’m well.